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Whatever your needs, please contact us at any time. Please remember we are a ministry of couples, for couples. We have nothing to sell, and everything will be kept strictly confidential.

Phone: 615-523-0631


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Volunteer Information

Ours is an all-volunteer organization, and is always need of people that can help in so many ways.  It can be as simple as volunteering to pray for couples, coming to the beginning of our weekends to help greet new couples...  or it can be a little more, such as helping us with setup, organization, and more...  or most of all, we are always praying four couples that are willing to share their stories and present weekends and/or POST sessions.  And the people that do all of these things are always happy to have people willing to help them.  

If you are interested in volunteering in any way, or just exploring the possibility, please contact us.